Sugar Free Vanilla Blueberry Yogurt Bark

Sugar Free Vanilla Blueberry Yogurt Bark - Keto and Low Carb


I love this yogurt bark recipe for many reasons. The options for creating unique flavors are virtually endless! This combo of vanilla and blueberries was excellent together and complimented each other perfectly. Your creativity is the only limit on how many varieties you can make.


As I write this, the weather has just turned very warm and we are moving quickly into Summer time heat. This means we are reaching for anything cold and refreshing. Frozen yogurt back will be a wonderful snack and works for most low carb diets.


This is a super quick recipe that comes together fast! It took me 5 minutes to stir this up and it was frozen solid in 1 hour. For me, this means quick desserts that satisfy my sweet tooth in a hurry.


Lastly, it just looks fancy! If you gently combine the fruit at the end, without stirring to much, it creates a swirled marble effect. Think of the variety of colors you could swirl together for specific Holiday and occasions. 




1/2 C. Fresh or frozen blueberries 

2 Smidgen scoops Stevia Select pure stevia 


1 1/2 c. Greek Low Carb unsweetened yogurt

1/4 ts. Stevia Select Vanilla Stevia 

3 Smidgen scoops Stevia Select pure stevia 



If using frozen blueberries, thaw first and discard any water/juice that puddles. After they are thawed, add the 2 Smidgen scoops Stevia Select Powder and smash with a fork but keep them in chunks. Do not discard juice that comes out during smashing. 


In a separate bowl, measure out yogurt, vanilla Stevia, pure stevia and combine well. If your adding in dry ingredients like sunflower seeds, measure half and add now. Set aside the other half to sprinkle over the top.


Next, add in blueberry/stevia mixture. Lightly mix in but not completely. 


On a cookie sheet lined with parchment paper, pour yogurt out and spread to 1/4” thickness. If sprinkling any additional toppings on, now is the time to do that.

Freeze for 1 hour and immediately break into desired size pieces. Serve just before eating as yogurt will get soft. Return any uneaten pieces to freezer for storage.


**For this recipe I added 1/8 cup chopped walnuts and 1/2 ts chia seeds inside. I sprinkled another 1/2 ts chia seeds over the top because liked the texture and color it added. The taste was very nice as well.


*optional add ins


*sunflower seeds

*chia seeds



*dried fruit


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