Frequently Asked Questions 

Yes, we certify our stevia to be organic and of the higest quality.Absolutely no pesticides, chemicals, or foreign substance is used on these plants. In addition, we certify our stevia powder is non-gmo.

We gently soak the leaves in water and alcohol to extract the best flavors of the sweet leaf. Tests have been done to prove that adding alcohol to the water (during the soaking process) extracts the best flavor without adding the bitterness. This is why we do not use water only. Furthermore, after many rinses, there is no alcohol residual left on the powder. You are left with only the cleanest tasting, non-bitter stevia available!

This is a great question and one I used to ask myself since stevia is made from the green leaves. 

There are green stevia powders out there. These consist of dried stevia leaves that are pulverized, require about 200 times more to sweeten than pure concentrated stevia. Green stevia leaves will impart a fresh cut grass flavor. Not what most people want....ha ha.
Our pure stevia powder is naturally extracted with 37 step alcohol & water soaking process. This formula (as opposed to water alone) extracts the sweetest part of the sweet leaf. During this soaking process the green chlorophyll in the leaves will be lost. Thus you are left with a white powder.

On a side note, after all the rinsing is complete, there is no alcohol left in the stevia. This is the most natural way of extracting the best tasting stevia from the leaf.
If you are looking for a delicious tasting stevia powder, with absolutely no bad effects or harmful ingredients, then we suggest Stevia Select. 

With lots of media hype about Reb-A 98% or higher being the best, Stevia Select offers a different perspective. New research has shown that any stevia Reb-A over 70% is highly processed and can be unhealthy. Stevia Select premium powder has a minimum of 60% Reb-A. However, we have a truly unique formula that includes Reb-C. There are 4 glycosides in a stevia leaf and Reb-C is the most sought after and rarest element. Its taste is so pure and sweet, with absolutely no-bitterness. Our stevia formula is a rare combination of Reb-A and Reb-C.

Our stevia is 100% pure guaranteed. We have nothing added. No fillers or additives!

A Smidgen scoop is included with every stevia purchase. This tiny spoon is exactly 1/32 of a teaspoon. 1 Smidgen equals the sweetness of 1 teaspoon sugar.

For larger measurement equivalencies, use the following:

1/4 ts stevia = 1/4 C sugar

1/2 ts stevia = 1/2  C sugar

*See images for measurement equivalent chart. You will also receive an email, after purchase, with this information.

Stevia will not raise blood glucose levels and is considered safe for diabetics. However, studies have shown that consuming stevia may lower blood glucose levels and this should be taken into consideration. Please monitor your stats.

Yes, absolutely! All of our stevia products are heat stable and do not lose their flavor when baked at 400 degrees or lower. This means you can add Stevia Select to *pancakes, *no-bake cookies, *puddings, or *cheesecakes for a sugar-free treat.

On another note, using only pure stevia can be difficult at best. When you omit sugar from any recipe, there is a bulking agent that is missing. The results can be desserts falling flat, having an “off” taste, and being too sweet to name a few. We strongly recommend our Stevia Baking Blend for cup-for-cup measuring and the best tasting sugar-free desserts. *These are the foods we found can easily use only 100% stevia and still taste amazing. 

Like 99% of stevia available, our stevia is grown in China. We have many trusted agencies, from different countries, that make sure quality standards are being met to uphold our certifications that enable us to boldly state: USDA Organic & Non-GMO. Stevia Select is known for it's high standards.

We never add color, artificial or natural, to any of our stevia flavors. Any color seen is naturally occurring from the real extracts used. For instance, raspberry has a slightly pinkish hue and vanilla is tan from the vanilla bean extracts.

We never add color, artificial or natural, to any of our stevia flavors. Any color seen is naturally occurring from the real extracts used. For instance, raspberry has a slightly pinkish hue and vanilla is tan from the vanilla bean extracts.

Stevia Select stevia flavors have a shelf life of 3 years. Do not keep in direct sunlight or store in excessive heat. This will diminish the taste.

Our stevia natural liquid sweetener does not require refrigeration. However, follow the same guidelines as the stevia flavors.

The shelf life of Stevia Select pure organic stevia is 10 years. However, we have known this to keep fresh for even longer when stored in an airtight container. It does not spoil or go bad. **If you live in humid moist locations, it is especially important to keep the lid/cntainer closed anytime you are not using the stevia. Mold can grow on the stevia if kept open and exposed to moisture.

Potassium Sorbate prevents bacterial and fungal growth in liquids. Research shows it’s considered harmless in moderation. This means no more than 25mg per 2.21 lbs or 1kg of body weight. For a person of average weight (154lbs or 70kg), this would be around 1750mg per day. Stevia Select liquids contain less than 2% potassium Sorbate. This safe preserving ingredient keeps are products good for consumption up to 3 years, without refrigeration, making it the perfect travel companion.

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