Salted Caramel Fat Bombs

Dark Chocolate Base and drizzle.




4 squares Bakers 100% Cocoa Chocolate 

1 TB. Butter or coconut oil

3 Smidgen scoops Stevia Select 

stevia powder

1/2 TB. Powdered erythritol 

1/2 ts vanilla extract

**1/4 ts coarse sea salt (set aside for top)




Melt chocolate, oil, Stevia, erythritol and 

vanilla until melted. I used an 

Ice cube tray but you can use silicone 

candy molds if you have them. Line 

bottom of mold with chocolate by dividing 

3/4 of this into equal amounts. This made 

6 ice cube sized pieces for me. Let Chocolate 

cool for about 5 min. but do not let it harden 

completely. You want the topping to meld 

with the chocolate so it’s stable. Set aside 

1/4 of the chocolate to drizzle over the fat bombs

when they have set up.



Nutty Caramel Topping




1/4 c roasted Pecans

*I measured a heaping 1/4 cup

raw pecans and then roasted 10 min.

@350 F. Break into lg.pieces

after they cool down.

1 TB. Brown Butter Ghee

1 TB. Butter

25 drops Stevia Select 

Caramel Stevia

1 TB. Almond Flour




Melt ghee and oil until melted. Remove 

from heat and add the remaining ingredients 

in the topping. Stir to combine. Divide into as many 

Fatbombs you made with chocolate, and scoop 

on to the chocolate base. Smash in lightly and 

Refrigerate/freeze until hard. Drizzle chocolate 

over the tops and store in frig or freezer.


**immediately after drizzling the chocolate over the top, sprinkle with coarse sea salt. 


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