Hot chocolate is a serious comfort food but one I’ve avoided for years because of all the unhealthy ingredients (loads of sugar, processed cocoa or worse yet a store bought powder mix loaded with God knows what!). NO MORE! I took the bull by the horns (or reindeer…ha ha) and created a recipe that is not only sugar free, it’s delicious and made with one of the top super foods……RAW COCAO! I’m super excited to share this with all of you so (if you’ve been avoiding this “comfort food” too) can indulge in a rich cuppa cocoa again.


1 1/2 TB. Cream, half-n-half, or milk

6 Smidgen Scoops Stevia Select powder

1 TB. (scant) Raw Cocao Powder

1 C. Unsweetened Almond Milk or milk of choice


1. Heat milk in microwave or stovetop.

2. Place the cocoa powder & stevia powder in the bottom of desired cup and mix together. Pour cream over the top (can be directly out of refrigerator) and smash together to form a thick paste.

3. After its blended (no need to be smooth, just so mixture is no longer “powdery”) pour heated milk over the top and stir. Taste test and add more milk if its too rich or stevia if its not sweet enough. Lastly, ENJOY the delicious treat knowing your actually eating something that’s really good for you!

** I did experiment with heating the milk and adding the raw cocao and stevia over the top, then stirring. The cocao did for small clumps and required more mixing then when the paste was formed before adding the milk. However, it did eventually mix in fine with no lumps, and it only dirtied one cup rather then 2. Feel free to try it both ways.

VARIATIONS: Omit 1 smidgen of stevia powder and replace with 10 drops of Stevia Select liquid stevia flavors (choose 1 or mix it up for variety!)  hazelnut, vanilla, cinnamon, or chocolate raspberry.

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