Dark Chocolate Coconut Chips

Dark Chocolate Coconut Chips


Dark Chocolate Coconut Chips

These are my new Keto friendly snack and wow are they delicious. I fell in love with Dang brand of coconut chips but you can go bankrupt eating those lol! I knew the recipe could be duplicated but I didn't expect the 1st attempt to be a success. Now I will try some variations with Vanilla, cinnamon, and plain salted. Any flavor suggestions? How about Caramel Coconut chips??


4 C. Raw Coconut Chips (Large Flakes are best)

25 drops Stevia Select Vanilla stevia

3 Smidgen Scoop Stevia Select Stevia Powder

2 TB. Raw Cacao Powder (use link to try our sugar-free Hot Cocoa recipe)

2 TB. Organic Coconut oil


Combine and heat all ingredients, except the coconut, on low heat until the oil is melted. Remove from heat. Toss in coconut chips and stir to coat evenly. Put parchment paper or silicone mat over a cookie sheet and lay coconut chips out evenly. Bake at 300 degrees for 20 minutes on a lower rack to avoid burning. Stir in between. Let cool completely. Store in a ziplock bag at room temp.

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