Growing Stevia - From Seed To Harvest

Organic Clean Farming From Seed To Table  stevia select

Organic Clean Farming From Seed To Table 

From the tiniest seed planted in rich soil, to the moment you add Stevia Select to your morning coffee, we take great care to insure the highest quality product.

    Seed Time: It's vital to begin plant life with "clean" seeds. Each and every stevia plant has a rich organic start with seeds from organic parent plants. Seeds are never from genetically modified plants.
    Growing Stage: Our stevia fields are overseen by USDA authorized personal. They prohibit the use of any pesticides or herbicides and enforce this strictly. We are proud to say that every stevia harvest has the USDA stamp of approval as shown on our labels 🌱

    Extraction: Our organic stevia leaves are soaked in a simple water & alcohol bath. The process is soaking & rinsing over 37 times. The results are the sweetest tasting stevia and no alcohol reside is left in the finished product.

    Some companies use water only but alcohol will extract the best taste of the stevia leaf.

    You may be do we get a white powder from a green leaf? The green chlorophyll found in living leaves will not be left after the soaking and rinsing process. All that remains is the white concentrated part of the sweet leaf. 

    Bottling: The final step is putting the sweet stevia into packages for you, our customers.Our manufacturing facility is located in Louisville, Kentucky. The stevia is bottled & bagged there in an FDA and USDA approved plant.

    Our family is proud to support other USA small business and provide jobs for many families.We thank you in return for shopping with us❤️

    We DO NOT use anything other than water & alcohol to extract our pure stevia powder! 



    ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐"I've never tasted Stevia before, had no clue what to expect. To my tastebuds, it's very sweet! A little Stevia goes very long way. Also, it has an almost floral flavor to it that I find all kinds of kick butt! It is not a heavy floral taste, it is barely there but to me it is enough that it adds a much needed boost to whatever I want to sweeten. Also, I've made a few baked goods with Stevia, just some muffins and bread, and I find that wonderful taste carries over brilliantly -- my husband was very pleased and didn't believe me when I told him that what he was eating was made without sugar."    ~Ellie

    ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ "Yesterday I received the two shakers of Stevia Select I purchased for the purpose of sweetening my morning coffee; I am a type 2 diabetic and have been trying to locate this specific product without added fillers such as maltodextrin, dextrose, or anything else that we are told does not cause blood glucose to raise. This specific product fills that requirement perfectly. I like it. When Stevia Select directs that a “pinch” is enough, they are not kidding. I am a novice because I just used it for the first time this morning; I am still experimenting with the correct amount to use. This Stevia Select product does NOT contain maltodextrin, dextrose or any other filler than will cause Blood Glucose to rise; which is perfect for me. I suspect the two shakers I purchased to use in my coffee will last a very long time. After I become adept at using the correct amounts of Stevia, I intend to incorporate it into my cooking and baking. I noticed, after I ordered the Shakers (as is my custom), that Stevia Select also sells a liquid with a dropper that would be perfect for my coffee and Ice Tea; I intend to give that a try as well"  ~Isabell


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