Seed To Table

Growing Stevia Select

Organic Clean Farming From Seed To Table

From the tiniest seed planted in rich soil, to the moment you add Stevia Select to your morning coffee, we take great care to insure the highest quality product.

Seed Time

Seed Time: It's vital to begin plant life with "clean" seeds. Each and every stevia plant has a rich organic start with seeds from organic parent plants. Seeds are never from genetically modified plants.


Growing Stage:

 Growing Stage: Our stevia fields are overseen by USDA authorized personal. They prohibit the use of any pesticides or herbicides and enforce this strictly. We are proud to say that every stevia harvest has the USDA stamp of approval as shown on our labels 🌱


Extraction: Our organic stevia leaves are soaked in a simple water & alcohol bath. The process is soaking & rinsing over 37 times. The results are the sweetest tasting stevia and no alcohol reside is left in the finished product.

Some companies use water only but alcohol will extract the best taste of the stevia leaf.

You may be do we get a white powder from a green leaf? The green chlorophyll found in living leaves will not be left after the soaking and rinsing process. All that remains is the white concentrated part of the sweet leaf. 


Manufacturing: The final step is putting the sweet stevia into packages for you, our loyal customers. Our manufacturing facility is located in Louisville, Kentucky. The stevia is bottled & bagged there in an FDA and USDA approved facility.

Our family is proud to support other USA small businesses and provide jobs for many families.

We thank you in return for shopping with us❤️


People are talking about our pure stevia.........😊

 I love it! T"his really does sweeten things for me so that I can have my sweet tea that I love without the sugar. And the reviews were right, you don't need a lot to make something sweet! I also love that I don't get a headache when I use this as compared to the headache I get when I use artificial sweeteners such as Splenda. This is very good! And it has zero fillers! It was also great getting an e-recipe book with the purchase of this. It shows how to bake with the Stevia since you would use so much less of it than you use of sugar when baking.The only drawback to it is the little spoon that comes with it. It is difficult to get the little spoon out of the small jar without getting the Stevia everywhere. It would be nice if the spoon was somehow attached to the lid.


A little goes a long way! I really like this stevia. I had been purchasing a large bag from my grocery store but a nutritionist I follow mentioned she uses this brand and stated that many store brands are mixed with maltodextrin which she said is not good for you. So, even though we use it to sweeten a 3 quart batch of iced tea at a time, I gave it a try. It definitely is a small container and I wasn't sure how it would work. We used to use 1/2 cup of the stevia/maltodextrin powder from grocery store for the 3 quarts. With this product we only use 1/4 tsp and it does the trick. Also it tastes better and doesn't have a bitter after taste. It comes with a little smidge serving spoon (which is super tiny) and directions say using that is equivalent to 1 tsp of sugar.
I would purchase again.


Every purchase Helps Make A Difference!

Giving Back

Our family believes in giving back to our community. This is why we give 1% of every sale back to charity and relief organizations. Together we are making the world a better place. Thank you for making a difference!