Eat right & love what you eat.

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Our Story

We’ve all heard the statement, “If it tastes good, it must be bad (for you)”.

Stevia Select believes there’s nothing farther from the truth
and we created delicious tasting stevia products to prove it!
Our tagline , “Healthy Meets Tasty”, was birthed from customers.

We received so many messages and they all said,
“I’ve tried stevia before but yours is REALLY good!”

Our Story Continued

Stevia Select was birthed in 2013, during the height of economic crisis and personal despair. Our family was already in need of a financial miracle and then, to make things worse, my husband lost his job. It was at this low point that we decided to do something we were passionate about and start our own business selling something we loved: stevia. I know it was hard for our families to watch us pour everything (as well as borrow more) into our new business. However, we had made up our mind to market the best tasting stevia products, in a highly competitive category.

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To summarize

Stevia Select began by selling 4 products. It was a slow start but the emails began to pour in from customers who told us we had a better tasting product than anything they had tried before.

Since those humble beginnings, Stevia Select has blossomed to become a trusted brand in the stevia industry.

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Amazing in coffee

Elevate your hot beverages with a delicious flavor profile, with zero sugar!

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No fillers

All our product are Non-GMO, Pesticide Free, Chemical Free and use Clean Farming Practices.

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USDA Certified Organic Stevia

Stevia Select is created from organic plants grown in the rich, fertile soil.