Sugar-free Stevia Gummy Bears

Sugar-free Stevia Gummy Bears


Gummy Bears are so adorable and fun. However, typical gummy treats are loaded with corn syrup, artificial flavor, and artificial colors. In addition, if you're watching your carb intake, you will notice that gummy bears may have up to 35 carbohydrates in 4 tiny bears. Not good news!



Introducing Stevia Select sugar-free, all natural gummy treats that have 0 carbs. Plus, these are made with nutritious grass-fed gelatin. If you haven't researched gelatin yet, I encourage you to check out all the benefits to your gut, skin, hair, and joints :-)

These tasty bears and super easy to make and kids will beg for this adorable snack (it's also loads of fun for them to help make if you have the silicone molds). The molds I purchased included gummy worms too. These larger worm molds are faster to fill and much easier to pop out too.

When using Stevia Select flavors in this recipe, keep in mind that we do not add any colors to our stevia liquids. Any color is naturally occurring in the extracts used to create the flavor (ie. raspberry has a slight pink tint). For this reason, you may want to purchase a vegetable dye or use traditional food coloring if you don't have any opposition to that. The red gummies are colored with a beet juice but all the others have 0 food coloring added. I made the Coconut flavored "white" gummy bears with almond milk to give it the white appearance and add a bit of creaminess. This added .05 carbs to the whole batch.....basically nothing!

The flavors you see here are raspberry (red), lemon (clear), Root Beer (clear), & Coconut (white). I did run into the problem of having the lemon & root beer end up the same color. Next time I would add a little yellow color to the lemon or not make these 2 flavors at the same time.

How to make:

Each batch yields 65 gummies but that will also depend on your mold.

Total Carbs: 0

Fat: 0

calories: 0

Protein 12 gm. per batch


1/2 C. Water (For Coconut Gummies I used Almond Milk to make them white in color but water would be fine too.

1/8 th ts. Citric Acid (look for non-gmo type) *Do not omit. Citric acid is necessary to achieve the tart flavor.

1/4 ts. Stevia Select liquid flavor  ***see notes for flavors I used here :-)

*optional: 1 TB erythritol (makes it sweeter and more like candy)

1 1/2 TB. Grass-Fed Beef Gelatin

**Flavors used were Root Beer, lemon, Raspberry, and Coconut.

Other flavors that would be delicious are:


Raspberry + Lemon

Root Beer + Vanilla

Cinnamon (think Red Hots)

Dark Chocolate


Put cold water into a small pot. With a whisk, stir in the gelatin and citric acid. It will look "soupy". Heat water and whisk occasionally until the water gets clearer (you will see the gelatin is dissolved and completely mixed in) and you can see it is hot. DO NOT BOIL-just heat thoroughly. Remove from heat and add the chosen Stevia Select flavor. Mix and then squeeze liquid directly into molds. The molds I purchased on Amazon came with 2 pipettes for easy dispensing. Refrigerate for 15 minutes. Store in refrigerator for up to 2 weeks.


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