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Stevia Baking Blend - Keto Sugar Substitute - Perfect Blend of Sweet Stevia & Erythritol - 1 (16 oz)

  • SUPERIOR TASTE - Stevia Select is known for premium Stevia products with no after taste. Discover Stevia that is better tasting than monk fruit. Pure sweetness - no bitterness!
  • ORGANIC INGREDIENTS - USDA Certified product means you’ll receive a product that is derived from non-gmo corn. Clean organic ingredients equal super sugar-free desserts.
  • EASY TO USE - Measures and tastes like white sugar. Replace sugar cup-for-cup in all your recipes to create delicious low carb & sugar free desserts the whole family will love.
  • CARBS VS. NET CARBS -A net carb count is reached when you subtract the fiber grams, found in nutrition facts, from the grams of carbohydrates. Erythritol and stevia pass thru the GI tract without impacting glycemic levels, thus making our keto sugar a 0 carb food.
  • 0 NET CARBS - Stevia Baking Blend has no net carbs and thus won’t effect blood sugar, making it an excellent sugar substitute for Keto baking and Diabetics. Classified as a sugar alcohol by the FDA with 0 calories.