This powder is very concentrated. You need very little of the product making it a wonderful money saver. It works best by poking one hole in the shaker so you can sprinkle a small amount in order to not get things too sweet. It is a little bit of an adjustment from using spoonful’s of sugar but after a few times you will get the hang of it. My husband was a little reluctant to try it but I have been sneaking it in to things I would normally use sugar in and he can’t tell the difference. I am really happy to find a natural sweetener to replace the artificial sweeteners he usually uses because of his diabetes. It also doesn't leave that tell tale aftertaste you get from artificial sweeteners. I am very pleased with this product!


(Plain Liquid)

So I’m really happy with my purchase and will be back for more. I notice too that they also do flavors, raspberry extract and dark chocolate. Great for chocoholics.


(Chocolate Raspberry Extract)

What can I say? Yum! It’s awesome in my coffee. But now I can’t wait to add to my brownies.


(Dark Chocolate Liquid)

If you enjoy chocolate and NO calories, then you’ll like this Chocolate stevia. I added a few drops to my chai latte this morning and it taste great then sweetened up my yogurt and again enjoyed that added chocolate flavor.


(Stevia Powder)

This stevia powder extract is great! Need just a tiny bit to sweeten my tea compared to my usual tablespoon of sugar so this bottle will last me a very long time! I really like that it is 100% pure stevia extract with no fillers added. I highly recommend it if you are wanting to replace sugar or artificial sweeteners.


(liquid Stevia natural)

I use liquid stevia daily. This was my first venture into the powdered stevia world. It blends well and make my dishes tasty. Stevia is the only sweetener I use and this one is a winner!


(Stevia powder)

I’ve been hearing a lot about stevia lately and how you can lose weight by eating this in place of sugar, which I love. I do need to drop a few lbs. but I never bothered to check out stevia for myself. My Aunt gave me some ice tea when I was over at her house and it tasted different but good. She told me she sweetened it with stevia because she’s trying to lose weight on this crazy 500 calorie diet. I didn’t realize that stevia didn’t have any carbs or calories. She let me try it some other foods and I barely sprinkled a little on it was sweet and tasted great. I had heard that stevia was bitter and I didn’t want anything to do with it after that. But this wasn’t bitter at all! That’s what really convinced me. I knew I had to get some for myself. I had no excuse after tasting how good it was. This stevia is very powerful, tastes great but you don’t need very much. Very great price for the amount you use and I would recommend this product.


(Dark Chocolate Liquid)

You know how it is when you are trying to watch how much sugar you have, and would do anything for something sweet? This is it! My favorite mid-afternoon snack now is to mix a few drops of Liquid Stevia Select Dark Chocolate Extract with some natural peanut butter, and I just spread that on some whole wheat crackers. It’s really tasty! Almost like a Reese’s. It gives me a late afternoon boost, and it’s a healthy snack without sugar. I also will put a few drops into my coffee for a bit of a change from the Stevia Select Powder, that’s a nice treat. The Stevia Select has a great flavor, and even better it is really helping me control my sugars (being pre-diabetic). I love it!


(Stevia Natural Liquid)

Firstly, this is much sweeter and more concentrated than other brands I’ve tried and has none of the bitterness I’ve noticed with them too. The quality is really good and I love the little dropper bottle it comes in – so handy to take out to restaurants and not have to use the cr** they put out in the little pink and blue packets. People don’t seem to realize what poison that stuff is!


(vanilla liquid)

What a great product you have! Sweet Leaf brand stevia makes my mouth REALLY DRY! (They claim natural flavoring, but I question that…) Yours does not make my mouth dry. What a relief! I will buy your from now on!


(Stevia Powder)

I was a little nervous buying this stevia extract since I didn’t recognize the brand but the reviews were all good so I gave it a shot and I’m glad I did. I was looking for a natural sweetener (stevia powder) without any “extra” ingredients and that’s why I got this one but the taste is better then any other brands I’ve tried. I love that stevia is safe for my whole family and I can cut out most of the white sugar from our diet. This little bottle is so concentrated I think it could last a year…LOL. This is where to buy stevia!