Sugar-Free Candied Citrus Peel

Fruit is one thing I miss since I started following a low-carb Keto Diet. When I discovered that citrus peel is very low in carbs, I got so excited! This meant I could incorporate the taste of oranges, lemons, and limes in different recipes. Actually, oranges are the only fruit listed that are high in carbohydrates but the peels of these other fruits not only add extra zest but have powerful healing properties.


I decided to create a recipe for sugar free candied citron because the traditional ones are loaded (and coated) with refined sugar. Store-bought organic citron is even harder to come by and the peels of fruit are where most pesticides reside. For this reason, I never settle for anything but USDA organic certified fruit.  Lastly, candied orange peels usually have added colors and preservatives. Fresh homemade foods are always best and these are no exception. 


These are not difficult to make but do require lots of hand holding, as you’ll see in the recipe notes. I feel the taste is worth it when used in recipes like my families favorite Keto Easter Bread.


Sugar-Free Candied Citrus Peel


 For this batch, I used tangerines, limes, and lemons. The best candied peels start with a thin peeling with very little white pith. If you simply peel them, you will have to scrape off the white pith to keep the peels from being very bitter tasting. For this reason, I used a small parking knife and thin peeled all my citrus to avoid any white area. 



2 C. Citrus Peels 

1 1/2 C. Water 

1/2 C erythritol 

1/2 + 1/4 ts. Stevia Select stevia powder 



Step 1. Place all of the citrus peeling into a medium size pan. Cover with water and boil. After the water reaches a boiling point, pour out the water and begin the step again with freshwater. Do you this step three times. It is essential to follow the boiling and rinsing process to assure the bitterness in the peeling is removed.


Step 2. Measure the amount of water shown in recipe into a medium saucepan and combine the rest of ingredients except peels. When the stevia and Erythritol are melted, add the peels. There should be enough water to cover the peels.  Bring to a boil and then reduce the heat to a simmer. Continue to simmer for 1 1/2 hours. 

Step 3.  Remove the peels from the water mixture and place on a parchment paper to dry. Drying process takes about 12 hours in warm weather. To rush this process, I turned on my oven to 175 F just to warm. I turned the heat off and then placed my peels in the oven to dry. This will shorten the dry time by half.


Optional Step 4. Roll dried peels in erythritol to coat. Most recipes suggest this but I find the peels as is, are delicious in recipes or plain snacking (think trail mix).


As mentioned, be sure to check out our recipe for Keto Easter Bread and tag us on Instagram if you make these. 


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