Orange “Creamsicle” & Chocolate Keto Fat Bombs

Orange “Creamsicle” & Chocolate Keto Fat Bombs


Sometimes you need variety and these Fat Bombs are exactly that! Created with creamy cocoa butter, sweetened with Stevia Select Vanilla drops, and a few drops of orange extract you are sure to enjoy these. I added some walnuts to these for the crunch factor but you could use any nut or leave them out entirely for true creamy fat bomb.


Orange “Creamsicle” & Chocolate Keto Fat Bombs



1 TB. Grass fed butter

1 TB organic coconut oil

1/8 C of Cocoa Butter chunks

1/2 TB powdered erythritol 

1/2 ts Stevia Select Vanilla Stevia 

1/4 ts McCormick Orange Extract 




Make the Dark Chocolate to partially fill the candy molds, as shown in pics. Dark Chocolate recipe below


On low heat, melt all ingredients (except vanilla stevia, orange extract, and nuts if using) in a small saucepan. After oils are completely melted and erythritol blended, remove from heat and add vanilla stevia and extract. Mix. Set aside.


Using a silicone candy mold, fill with melted Dark Chocolate. You can switch it for variety and pour the creamsicle on the bottom and put the chocolate over only the top which will be on the bottom as shown.


For quick setting, place in molds with chocolate in the freezer for 5-10 min. 


After Chocolate has cooled and somewhat solid, is when you would add some nuts if desired. 


Now pour the orange creamsicle oil over the nuts to fill the molds.  If adding a chocolate base, leave a small amount empty for this. Chill oils till solid, then top with remaining chocolate. 


Freezer for another 5-10 min. until solid and remove from molds.


Store in freezer.


Dark Chocolate Base Ingredients 


4 squares Bakers 100% Cocoa Chocolate 

1 TB. Butter or coconut oil

3 Smidgen scoops Stevia Select 

stevia powder

1/2 TB powdered erythritol 

1/2 ts vanilla extract


For another delicious Fat Bomb recipe, check out our Salted Caramel version. It’s like eating candy.


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