No Bake Triple Berry Cheesecake Pie

No Bake Triple Berry Cheesecake Pie


I love the ease of a cheesecake that requires no baking. This crust stays firm when serving it and that is necessary for a no bake crust in my book. The cheesecake sets up firm without baking and this is another requirement. Lastly, the topping is made with gelatin and thickens up beautifully after it’s refrigerated. This is a triple win for this Triple Berry Cheesecake Pie!


For a slight variation, see our No Bake Berry Cream Cheese Pie. This has a few twists to the crust which does change the flavor a bit. Try both and see which you like best.  


Step #1 Make Crust




2/3 C. finely ground walnuts (I pulsed mine in the Bullet)


1/4 C. Lupin flour


2 TB. Soft Coconut Oil 


1/4 ts. salt


1/8 ts. (Scant) Stevia Select Stevia powder






Place all dry ingredients into a small mixing bowl. Mix to combine thoroughly. Add coconut oil and smash in to create your crust. Place in a pie plate and cover with plastic wrap before pressing down. Batter is sticky will lift easily. Press firmly into the bottom and 3/4 of the way up the sides of a pie plate. Refrigerate until set. Approximately 30 minutes.



 Step #2 Make Cheesecake Filling




No Bake Cheesecake Filling


10 Oz. Softened cream cheese


1/4 C. Almond milk


1/4 C. Sour cream


1/4 C. Powdered erythritol


1/4 ts. Stevia select pure stevia powder


1/4 ts. Stevia Select lemon flavor



Directions :


With a mixer, blend all ingredients until smooth. Spread over the surface of the pre-made crust and return to the refrigerator. Let it set for 30 minutes before adding the berry topping.


Step #3 Make Triple Berry Topping 




2 C (loosely measured- strawberries were whole and took up lots of space) fresh or frozen Strawberries, Blueberries, and Boysenberries *I used Costco’s Organic Frozen Mix. Thawed and chopped strawberries into lg. bites.


6 Smidgens Scoops Stevia select Stevia powder


2 TB. Fresh Lemon Juice


2 TB. Erythritol


1 1/2 ts. grass-fed gelatin


Directions :


Place all ingredients except for the gelatin in a small saucepan. On medium heat, bring to a boil and then remove immediately. **Thaw berries first or add a few extra minutes to cook time. Sprinkle gelatin over berry mix lightly in small amounts and stir immediately. *this will clump and harden very fast so work quickly. 

Allow berry mixture to cool for 30 minutes until it's not hot at all before pouring over your cheesecake to set. Best when refrigerated a minimum of 3 hours but delicious if eaten after berry topping is set.


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