No Bake Berry Pie

I love No-Bake recipes in the Summer but they are great all year round. Why? Less baking equals faster making and that means you get to eat it sooner!


I used frozen berries (half blueberry & half boysenberry) in the sugar free low carb pie but you can substitute any berries you have on hand. If you use frozen, be sure to thaw and drain before using them in the filling.


Whipped Cream Recipe

You can eat this pie plain or top with homemade whipped cream. Our master recipe is:

1/2 C. Heavy Cream

1/2 ts Stevia Select Vanilla Stevia 

*You can create various flavored versions by swapping the vanilla for any Stevia Select flavor. Imagine Butter Pecan Whipped Cream or Hazelnut. Mmmmmm!


No Bake Berry Pie



4 TB. Butter or coconut oil

1 1/2 C. Almond Flour 

4 TB Lupin Flour

6 Smidgen scoops Stevia Select pure stevia 

1/4 ts. Salt


Melt butter/oil , then combine the rest of the crust ingredients together. Pour into a glass pie plate and distribute evenly. Cover with a plastic wrap (dough is sticky) then smash into pie plate firmly. Be sure to go all the way up the sides. I did not cover the rim of pie plate but stopped at the top of the side edge. This is perfect for the amount of filling you’ll add.

Berry Filling:

2 1/2 C Berries (thaw and drain if using frozen berries)

3 TB fresh lemon juice

3 TB powdered erythritol 

1/4 ts Stevia Select pure stevia powder 

2 TB gelatin 



Place berries and lemon juice in a small saucepan.

Combine remaining ingredients in a bowl. Sprinkle over berries and stir in.

Heat berries to a simmer and remove from heat immediately.

Set aside to cool for adding to pie crust. *You can speed process by placing berries in the refrigerator. Stir every 5 min. to make sure gelatin isn’t getting clumpy. As it starts to thicken remove from frig.

When Filling is almost room temperature (filling that is too warm may cause the crust to get soggy), pour into the pre-made pie crust. 

Place filled pie back in the refrigerator to set. This may take an hour depending on how cool the berry filling was when adding it to the crust. 

When Pie is set, remove from frig. Slice and serve.

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