Low-Carb Cheesy Cranberry Lemon Muffins

Low-Carb Cheesy Cranberry Lemon Muffins
Low-Carb Cheesy Cranberry Muffins – Sugar Free & Keto Friendly
I’ll admit I have a new found love for cranberries. This low sugar fruit is great for Low Carb Diets! These bright red beauties are not just for the Holidays either. I’m not talking about the dried cranberries you buy in a package that have tons of sugar added. Fresh raw cranberries have a tangy tart bite that pairs perfectly with a sweet cake like our Cranberry Pound Cake with Lemon glaze. 
 I added some lemon zest and lemon stevia to make these moist muffins truly sing! The zest is optional if you don’t care for the extra lemon flavor, you can omit. However, they wouldn’t be as good....lol. If your not a lemon lover, simply substitute Plain Liquid Stevia for the Lemon Stevia and omit the zest.
These sugar free muffins are made with cream cheese and sour cream which make them extra cheesy. This is not your typical Keto Muffin. I consider them more of a dessert but (shh...don’t tell anyone) I’ve had them for breakfast too. 

I haven't tried any other berries but I’m sure blueberries would be equally delicious. Comment below if you try them or make any other substitutions...thanks!
Low-Carb Cheesy Cranberry Muffins – Sugar Free & Keto Friendly
Makes 12 med. sized muffins 
1/2 C Butter softened
4 oz. cream cheese softened
1/2 C Sour Cream or Greek Yogurt
1/2 - 1 ts Fresh lemon Zest
5 Eggs *room temp
1 C Almond flour
1/3 C Coconut flour
1/2 ts Salt
1/4 ts Xanthan gum
1 1/2 C Fresh whole Cranberries
  1.  Preheat oven to 350 F. Prepare 12 muffin cups or use silicone cups for easiest release. 
  2. If your ingredients aren't room temp (eggs, cream cheese, etc) you can warm the oven to 175 F and then turn it off. Place items in oven for 10 minutes.
  3. Cream the first 7 ingredients together.
  4. Add eggs 1 at a time and blend well. This allows for fluffier, airy end results.
  5. Place remaining dry ingredients in sifter and sift into batter.
  6. Mix on low speed until fully incorporated.
  7. Measure 1 1/2 cups of cranberries and stir them in by hand.
  8. Scoop batter into your muffin cups. Evenly divide batter into the 12 cups. Depending on the size of cups used, they will be filled to the top. 
  9. Bake for 25 min. on the middle rack. Muffins should be done but test by inserting a toothpick in the middle. If toothpick comes out clean,they are done.
  10. Cool for 5 minutes before eating.
**Optional-Make 1/2 a recipe of Lemon glaze to drizzle over the tops. 
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