“Stop the chaos…I want to get off”, I hear moms cry. Mom’s know that our children will be healthier if they get the proper nutrition and that starts with a nutritious diet. We are desperately trying to make food fun but kids keep resisting.
What child, or adult for that matter, can resist sweets? Well, why not make sweet carrots without adding any sugar? This recipe is absolutely fantastic and everyone will rave about how naturally sweet your carrots are!


The first hurdle to consider is that most kids don’t like the simple fact that carrots are woody, extremely crunchy, and take a lot of time to eat!This info. comes from a very reliable source…. my own children!! The way to conquer our first hurdle is to cook just until tender but firm.  Remember the best nutrients are in the raw form, but to make them palatable they will need to be at least slightly soft.  I cook mine in a pan with approx. 1/4″ of water at the bottom. Just enough to steam the carrots but not lose all the vitamins in the water.


Next hurdle is the taste. By adding a few shakes of stevia powder or some liquid to the water while they cook, you come out with a sweeter carrot that is similar to a glazed carrot recipe. After they reach they desired texture, leave the small amount of liquid since this contains some of the nutrients. Sprinkle with a dash of salt and a pat of butter. Ask your kids to just try one and explain you have a new recipe with “sugar” in it. You can even call them “sugared carrots” if you think it will be more appealing. Prepare to be amazed at how they will gobble these up!!

Cook with the carrots:

8 Lg organic carrots peeled & sliced
1/2 C water (approx.) with 3 shakes of stevia powder (approx. 1/24 ts.) or 15 drops stevia natural liquid
1/8 ts. sea salt
1 Tb. real butter
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