We just celebrated my daughter’s 12th Birthday and carrot cake, being her favorite, was the cake I made for her party. Sadly, my family does not share my passion for sugar-free eating and gets frustrated with me when I replace white sugar with my stevia extract or stevia liquid. However, feeling quite brave, I decided to make cream cheese frosting with ONLY stevia powder. After a few tastes here and there and some “extra” ingredients I don’t normally add, my masterpiece was finished and it was ready to top the spicy cake. The taste was very pleasing and I immediately thought of so many other desserts I could top with this new recipe. As much as I enjoyed the icing, my family still thought it tasted “weird” and “different”. So much for my experiment in bravery 🙁


I am pleased to share my recipe here on my blog since I know other sugar-free people will share my enthusiasm. I still hold to my belief that your palette is trained by the foods you eat and sugar consumers have to “reprogram” their tongues to new flavors before they start relishing their new sugar-free lifestyle.

Sugar-Free Cream Cheese Icing Recipe
Makes approx. 1  Cups
1 package of cream cheese
3T Almond Milk
1T Vanilla Ext.
1/2 tsp. Stevia Select Powder


Mix all ingredients in a Cuisinart or blender for about 2 min. Will be smooth and creamy. Since this has dairy products you will need to refrigerate your iced goodies if not eaten soon. I put my carrot cake in the refrigerator and it actually stayed more moist that way!

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