Stevia Select Source Update Regarding Stevia Powder
As you may know, Stevia Select has been one, if not the only sellers to offer stevia NOT sourced from China. It is nearly impossible to find S. American grown stevia anywhere else. China truly has cornered the market in stevia production. With that said, we have an announcement.
No, Our formula is NOT changing! Our proprietary blend of the tastiest Reb-A and rare delicious Reb-C will stay the same! Our reviews speak loudly of how much you enjoy the taste and we want to assure you this will not be changing. Every bottle of Stevia Select will have the same amazing flavor you’ve come love and depend on for pure consistent sweetening.
Effective immediately
We can no longer state that Stevia Select powder is only sourced from S. America. Paraguay is a small player in stevia production and is no longer able to meet the growing demands from buyers like Stevia Select. We will still source from Paraguay as much as possible. When they are unable to supply what we need, we have researched and found other reputable sources worldwide to fill the gap. This may include China but not limited to China only.
 You can rest assured that every bottle of Stevia Select powder undergoes many rigorous tests and must meet our highest standards in purity, molecular analysis, as well as pass our Non-GMO certification. Stevia Select promises to uphold the highest standard of excellence that you have come to trust. We have full confidence and no reservations in what we have to offer and proudly serve it to our family & friends!
Please understand this is not a matter of selling out for a better price. Paraguay grown stevia is rare and their supply is limited. There simply is just not enough! We were forced to find other trusted stevia growers and have.
NOTE: ALL Stevia Select liquids, including ALL flavors, are still guaranteed to be made with S. American grown & harvested stevia ONLY. This applies to our pure powder only.
To summarize :
1.Stevia Select has not changed their formula or taste, and will continue to provide the same delicious stevia you love.
2.We will continue sourcing from S. America but can no longer guarantee that 100% of our stevia powder is from there.
3.Every batch of stevia is tested for quality, purity, and carefully analyzed before it ever reaches manufacturing stage.
4.We do promise ONLY the highest quality and finest tasting stevia.
Our small family owned, U.S.A. business thanks you for supporting us and hope to serve you for years to come. Thank you!
UPDATE – 4/19/17
Please see our FAQ’s page for complete details.
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